Het Rembrandthuis

What was Rembrandt's life like? Where did Holland's most renowned artist etch and paint his masterpieces? Where did the most dramatic events of his life take place? 

Find out at Rembrandt's former house in Amsterdam's Jodenbreestraat, where you can imagine yourself in Rembrandt's day.

Rembrandt bought the house in 1639, when he was at the height of his fame. In 1656 he went bankrupt. Everything of value was sold at auction, including a large collection of art and rare objects. A notary drew up a list of his possessions, so we know exactly how the house was furnished in Rembrandt's time.

The historic interior has been restored to its former glory and furnished with items and works of art from the master's time. Wandering through the seventeenth-century rooms, visitors can imagine themselves back in Rembrandt's day. See where his son Titus was born, the workroom where he printed his etchings and, of course, the master's studio. The museum exhibits approximately 250 etchings by Rembrandt and paintings by his predecessors and pupils

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