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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all agreements regarding rental of accommodations and/or camping place agreed upon with Camping Amsterdamse Bos and are an inseparable part of the travel contract. Therefore, please take account of the contents of these conditions. Both Camping Amsterdamse Bos as well as yourself will find enclosed herein the mutual rights and obligations.

1.1 Booking procedure

You can book your stay either through email or online. The procedure is as follows:

Booking confirmation
After admission of your booking you will receive an email with booking confirmation or invoice. Review the booking confirmation extensively! The booking confirmation validates as insurance for your travel and / or cancellation- insurance!

Upon receiving the booking confirmation payment must be made within the time specified on the booking confirmation. The exact amount to be payed can be found on the invoice/confirmation. Should we receive no payment within the stipulated period the reservation will expire.

Upon receipt of your payment you will receive a confirmation by email. So, there is an agreement between you and Camping Amsterdamse Bos when:

  • You agree to the  terms and conditions of Camping Amsterdamse Bos when making a booking.
  • You have received a booking confirmation by email from Camping Amsterdamse Bos.
  • You have made a payment.

Camping Amsterdamse Bos would remind you that any reservations made are legally final. A right of withdrawal (the so-called cooling-off period) of 14 days does not apply to services related to travel agreements stated by Camping Amsterdamse Bos.


  • You will not receive information or voucher by mail.
  • Your booking confirmation is proof of your payment and should be taken with you and handed over  at the reception on arrival!
  • You cannot get cancellation and/or travel insurance via Camping Amsterdamse Bos. Should you nevertheless wish to have one we advise you to get it through your own insurance company.

1.2 Main Booker
The party leader of the trip must be at least 18 years of age at the time of booking. He/she is liable for all registered travelers. All correspondence will be conducted via the email address of the party leader.

1.3 Maximum authorized persons
Accommodation is tailored to one group per accommodation. Habitation with more than at reservation specified maximum number of people (including children and babies) is prohibited. The accommodation manager may deny you access to accommodation accordingly. You have, in this case, no right to compensation and/or a refund.

1,4 Visitors
The receiving and/or spending the night of visitors is prohibited. (Exceptions can be made. For this, the prior approval by the Amsterdamse Bos Campsite should be asked). 

1.5 Term
The minimum rental period is one night. The rental period is agreed upon booking and will run for rental accommodation from 15:00 on the day of arrival to 10:00 on the day of departure. For pitches it runs from 12:00 on the day of arrival to 12:00 on the day of departure. 

1.7 Preferences
Preferences regarding location, etc., must be reported immediately upon reservation. Camping Amsterdamse Bos relays said preferences to the property manager and will do its utmost best to meet your preferences. However, any implementation cannot be guaranteed by Camping Amsterdamse Bos.

1.8 Age
The tenant and all fellow travelers must be able to legitimize themselves validly and at all times, in accordance with the locally applicable law, and are all over 18 years old or accompanied by their parent / guardian.

1.9 Workers
Workers are not allowed, we are only allowed to accept tourists so if you come for work we will not be able to check-you in

2.0 The fare
The prices, as published on our website, constitute per camping equipment per night, based on two people per site, unless otherwise indicated. Additional charges are made for additional persons. The fare includes the place, electricity, VAT and the services and amenities of Camping Amsterdamse Bos as mentioned on the site.

The fare is based on the prices, levies and taxes known to Camping Amsterdamsese Bos at the time of the launch of this website. Significant interim changes will be processed as soon as possible and Camping Amsterdamse Bos reserves the right to amend the booking price if adjustments so dictate.

The published rates exclude any applicable local taxes imposed by government and/or semi-governmental institutions. The aforementioned taxes may vary and cannot be recovered from Camping Amsterdamse Bos.

Any changes to the VAT rate in the period between booking and the start of your stay may affect the total  inclusive tax bill on your final invoice.

1.3 Invoice
On the bill is listed firs and foremost your name, your booked accommodation(s)/post(s) and terms as well as the following costs: the fare, the obligatory additional cost (booking fees, cleaning, deposit) and, if applicable, optional costs. The total price, the additional costs and optional costs make up the total amount. 

2.3 Payments

  • Upon receipt of the confirmation invoice full payment must be made.
  • Upon timely receipt of the full invoice payment your reservation will be made definitive. 

3.3. Neglection of payment within the payment period
Please note that, should the agreed upon payment period be exceeded, Camping Amsterdamse Bos reserves the right to cancel the reservation and hold you liable for the costs incurred. In this case, the cancellation conditions apply in accordance with item number 4.1. and the payments already made will be deducted from the cancellation fees. It is not possible to offset payment with any other payments outstanding with Camping Amsterdamse Bos. Camping Amsterdamse Bos reserves the right to indicate on the claim to the bailiff. All judicial and extrajudicial costs, and interest will be recovered from the party leader. 

4.1. Cancellation in accordance with terms and conditions.
It may happen that, due to unforeseen circumstances, you are forced to cancel your holiday. In this case you are advised to relay this to Camping Amsterdamse Bos by email or in writing. Any such cancellations or changes do often bring fees with them though.

The reservation will be canceled in accordance with our terms and conditions. In addition to the reservation costs the following will be owed:

 Cancellation of rented accommodation(s) and/or group bookings of camping pitches (2 or more):

  • Up to 3 months before arrival € 15,00 cancellation fee per accommodation
  • Up to 2 months before arrival 50% of the total booking amount with a minimum of € 15,00 per accommodation
  • Up to 1 month before arrival 75% of the total booking amount with a minimum of € 15,00 per accommodation
  • Less than 1 month upon arrival 100% of the total booking amount with a minimum of € 15,00 per accommodation
  • In case of cancellation on arrival-day or in case of early departure 100% of the total booking amount with a minimum of €15,00

Cancellation of camping pitch:

  • Up to 2 weeks before arrival € 15,00 cancellation fee per camping pitch
  • Less than 2 weeks before arrival 100% of the total booking amount with a minimum of € 15,00 per camping pitch
  • Concerning cancellation on arrival-day or in case of early departure 100% of the total booking amount with a minimum of €15,00

4.2. Share Cancellations
Should you wish to shorten your stay in respect to your booking, it shall be regarded as a partial cancellation. Camping Amsterdamse Bos reserves the right to sell accommodation in an efficient way, making it impossible to cancel partial nights in respect to your reservation. Should Camping Amsterdamse Bos accept a partial cancellation, cancellation fees as defined under section 4.1 apply for the canceled nights or extras.

4.3 Changing main booker
Should the party leader or any of the fellow travelers be hindered, the resulting vacancy can be filled by someone else. In this case, the booking will be transferred. Regarding the conditions we refer to “transferal of reservation” in section 4.4. Additional fees may be charged.

4.4 Transferal of reservation
In the case of transferal of the reservation to a third party, Camping Amsterdamse Bos reserves the right to  change the reservation, if the relevant accommodation allows this change. There are accommodations that assess this change as a cancellation. Should this be the case, we will be bound to charge a cancellation fee in accordance with section 4.1. When do not charge any alteration fees considering transferals of reservations. Should you wish to make a transferal of reservation please do so in writing or by email to Camping Amsterdamse Bos.

4.5 out lengthen your journey
Should you wish to extend your stay beyond the reserved period, we would ask you to pay on the spot, according to the prices published on our website.

4.6. Early arrival and early departure
We offer no refunds for any late arrivals or early departures.

4.6 Changing / cancellation of booking by Camping Amsterdamse Bos
If, by any chance however unlikely, Camping Amsterdamse Bos cannot provide the booked accommodation, the tenant will be notified immediately and a full refund will be made within two weeks of the cancellation date by Camping Amsterdamse Bos. 

If Camping Amsterdamse Bos informs the tenant first in the 10-day period for the stated date of arrival that the reserved accommodation cannot be provided, Camping Amsterdamse Bos will refund the tenant in question the received payment.

Camping Amsterdamse Bos is not obliged to refund the tenant in case of unforeseen circumstances and/or force majeure. Force majeure must - without being exhaustive - in any case be defined as nuisance pests (eg mice), the imposition of emergency rule in the area where the camp is located, the outbreak of infectious diseases that pose a danger to humans and/or animals (BV BSE, swine fever and FMD) and impending flood. Unforeseen circumstances include the status of the camping or accommodation being in a state unsuitable for rental purposes (e.g. flooding, forest fires). This also applies if the reservation must be canceled by sudden sale of the property or in case of a double booking. Should any of this occur, Camping Amsterdamse Bos holds itself responsible to notify you immediately about offers and, if possible, another accommodation or a refund.

  • Camping Amsterdamse Bos cannot be held liable for any service booked by you (eg, airfare, car rental, boat ferry, bus trips, etc.).
  • If camping Amsterdamse Bos in any way fails in its service its liability shall at all times be limited to the sum received by it. 

1.5 Opening hours, activities, facilities and costs
The descriptions on our website offer any information you will need about the facilities offered, as well as any costs known to us. If no charges are mentioned, it does not follow that these facilities are free of use. Camping Amsterdamse Bos is not responsible for any unexpected fees for use of facilities or services on-site. Camping Amsterdamse Bos can not guarantee that its facilities are always open. Especially outside the peak season (May, June and from late September), it is possible that some activities and facilities are closed or not available. 

6. Travel
You need to take care of all necessary travel documents yourself. Camping Amsterdamse Bos assumes no responsibility for any improperness of travel documents. 

7.1 Rules of conduct
Tenants of the sites/accommodations offered by Camping Amsterdamse Bos must respect the rules of conduct, which the campsite owner would like all guests present on his premises to live by. Any tenant(s) of a Camping Amsterdamse Bos accommodation that cause(s) nuisance or hindrance  could possibly be removed from the property and banned from further stay in the accommodation or venue without right to reimbursement. 

7.2 Accommodation
As a tenant, you need to respect and care to deal with both the accommodation and the inventory which is rented to you by Camping Amsterdamse Bos. In case of serious damage to property and/or inventory caused by the tenants, Camping Amsterdamse Bos is entitled to make a claim to your liability and/or your travel insurance for reimbursement. 

7.3 Pets
At Camping Amsterdamse Bos campgrounds, dogs are welcome if you are traveling with a caravan or motor home (i.e. not in accommodations or if you come with a tent!), tethered to this are some conditions: 

  • You must possess a valid pet passport or a valid vaccination certificate for your dog.
  • Your dog you must be leashed at all times.
  • On Camping Amsterdamse Bos dogs are allowed with a maximum of one per camping equipment.

Our rental fees do not take pets into account. Upon arrival, guests are required to mention the presence of a pet brought with you. Should the camping require a daily allowance, this is to be paid on the spot by tenants. Rates for pets can be found on the website of the campsite

Animals that fall into the category 1 and 2, being attack, guard or defense animals and which may or may not be registered in a recognized studbook are explicitly  unwelcome.

Camping Amsterdamse Bos would like to remind you that the following terms and conditions are in effect regarding your pet:

  • Pets are never, in their lonesome, allowed to stay in any Camping equipment neither overnight nor during the day.
  •  Dogs are not allowed in the rental accommodation.
  •  You must provide your own Bench or similar accommodations.
  •  The tenant is at all times responsible for damage and/or contamination caused by his/her pet.

7.4 Nuisance
The user of the accommodation/pitch offered by Camping Amsterdamse Bos that causes a racket or hindrance a or may do so in the future can be removed from the property and excluded from further stay in the accommodation, without the right to reimbursement 

7.5 Camping
You are not the only one enjoying a stay on this camping, therefore we would ask you to adapt to the customs and rules regarding the campsite and to interact with respect to the facilities on-site and the other guests! Should you choose to rent an accommodation do not expect the comfort and amenities of a hotel. 

8. Complaints
We distinguish between complaints received prior to your vacation and complaints arising from your stay. 

8.1 Any complaint prior to your vacation
These include complaints about the booking process, the website, information or services from Camping Amsterdamse Bos. 

8.2 Complaints during your stay
All information has been compiled with the utmost care and gives an as realistic as possible view of the accommodation and destinations. Should you, nevertheless, find the services offered to be, in all fairness, not according to your expectations, please proceed as follows: 

Iany complaints considering your accommodation should be submitted to the property manager or front desk in order dor them to be able to resolve the issue. Camping Amsterdamse Bos will do its best to resolve any complaint within 48 hours.

Should it appear in hindsight that  the tenant made no mention of the fault or defect on-site, he/she loses the right to any refund. 

If you fail to report your complaint during your stay Camping Amsterdamse Bos, you void your right to compensation. 

The traveler loses any right to claim refund of the fare when he/she departs early 

Your complaint should be submitted to Camping Amsterdamse Bos at the latest of one month after termination of the tenancy, this is to be done in writing and including motivation and any submitted photos and/or other evidence. Complaints submitted later the aforementioned period are not considered. 

Complaints relating to diffeering cultural habits, neighbours affairs, camping regulations or aspects thatbeyond control of Camping Amsterdamse Bos  (see also section 4.6.2.) will not be considered.

Should you choose to leave the accommodation prematurely without consulting Camping Amsterdamse Bos , your right to any compensation will be void.

Camping Amsterdamse Bos cannot be held liable for the costs of transport and/or accommodation expenses to and from your accommodation.

Should Camping Amsterdamse Bos in any way fails in its service, its liability is limited to the sum received by it. In case of a force majeure, such as vermin (mice), forest fires, animal disease, which can be dangerous to humans and animals (see section 4.6.2.), that forces you to leave your accommodation or camping pitch, Camping Amsterdamse Bos is not bound to reimbursement of the fare. 

8.3 Rating procedure
Your complaint should be sent, in writing, to info@campingamsterdam.com

9. Liability and responsibility

  • Concerning any injury or damage caused by or arising from the accommodation and/or inventory, Camping Amsterdamse Bos does not accept liability.
  • Camping Amsterdamse Bos does not accept any liability arising from lost, missing, theft of or damage to property of the renter.
  • Camping Amsterdamse Bos assumes no liability as a result of circumstances caused by force majeure.
  • Under force majeure is recognized an unusual and unforeseeable circumstance independent of the will of the person claiming independence and whose effects in spite of any precautions made could not be avoided. Think fire, landslides and/or pests like mice and rats.
  •  Camping Amsterdamse Bos accepts no liability for which a claim of compensation arises because of a  travel and/or cancellation insurance made by the tenant.
  •  Camping Amsterdamse Bos accepts no liability resulting from participation in organized activities, on-site or otherwise.
  •  Camping Amsterdamse Bos does not accept any liability arising from uncontrollable nuisance caused by environmental factors, including but not limited to noise, odor, flooding or insect/pest infestation.
  • Camping Amsterdamse Bos accepts no liability arising from any inconvenience caused by municipal or provincial activities.
  •  Camping Amsterdamse Bos assumes no liability due to any interruptions in the supply and/or operation of gas, electricity, water, sanitation and/or internet (Wi-Fi) throughout your stay.
  •  Camping Amsterdamse Bos assumes no liability arising from any inconvenience caused by rainfall, fire, cold and/or sun
  •  All information on tourist and sporting activities are provided by third parties and are not the responsibility of Camping Amsterdamse Bos.

Should the trip fail to meet, reasonable, set expectations, Camping Amsterdamse Bos obliges itself to recompense any damages suffered, unless the failure to perform is not attributable to it, nor to the persons whose assistance was called upon in the implementation of the agreement.This is because: 

  • The failure of the implementation of the contract is attributable to the hirer; or
  • The failure to implement could not be foreseen or be remedied and is attributable to a third party who is not involved in the provision of the services included in the trip; or.
  • The failure to implement is due to an event that the travel organizer or person assisting him/her  could not foresee or remedy, regardless of any or prior preparation and/or care.
  • The failure to implement is due to force majeure as referred to in paragraph 4.6.2 of this article.

9.2 Liability and responsibility of the tenant
The tenant is liable for all the consequences of damage caused to the property of the site if they are the result of careless and/or improper use. 

  • Participation in organized activities is at all times at your own discretion.
  • Tenants of the Camping Amsterdamse Bos accommodation must respect the rules of conduct applicable to the site, whether arising from statutory regulation or not.
  • The use of facilities at the location, such as sanitation incl. (hot) water, playground equipment and other amenities not explicitly stated are at full risk of the tenant.
  • The tenant is responsible for all people and any pets traveling with him/her, according to the booking contract. 

9.2 The Law
Dutch law applies to the agreements that, based on these terms of sale, are concluded, modified or supplemented except if ,by virtue of mandatory rules, another law applies. 

10. Miscellaneous 

  • Images presented by Camping Amsterdamse Bos on the Internet, in brochures, or otherwise  are not contractual. No rights can therefore be reserved to them. Each accommodation has its own characteristics and, therefore  differences do occur. Also, accommodations and devices may differ in detail.
  • Visitors are not permitted on-site at Camping Amsterdamse Bos; Unless otherwise specified by management. Washers and Dryers are present on-site and are to be paid separately. Camping Amsterdamse Bos is not responsible for the proper operation and does not accept any liability due to any damage caused by poor functioning, demonstrable or not.
  • Park your car/motorcycle or other vehicle you are traveling in in spot intended for your stay rather than the accommodation unless otherwise provided by the site owner. In some cases you may need to park your vehicle in a central car park and not on the pitch at your tent.
  • Upon arrival please report to the front desk to check in, during your stay with your own camping equipment a camping card or official document (passport, driving license, ID card) remains at all times  at the front desk. For the accommodation you will be asked to pay a deposit.
  • On the day of your departure, please proceed with your vehicle/ amping means to the reception to log off and pick up your document.
  • The tenant, and all fellow travelers under his responsibility, must be able to validly, and at all times according to the locally applicable law, identify themselves and are all over 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Barbecuing is allowed. Government Rules on fire hazards are at the foundation thereof. Should you wish to barbecue, you should provide the tools for this yourselves. You are also obliged to inform yourself, in advance, at the venue owner or his staff in regard to the conditions.
  • Open fire is strictly prohibited at all times;  at the place of your accommodation nor elsewhere on-site.
  • Beds, mattresses, protections, coverlets, blankets etc. are destinedfor sleep and need to stay in the cabins. They are prohibited for use outside or on the veranda as playing dress or otherwise.
  • The securing of hammocks on to trees is prohibited, whether they be built as part of the property or brought along.
  • Space and surface characteristics vary by site. The situation  on-site, the size, the shape, size, flatness, the degree and quality of view, the surface (grass, stony, sand, gravel, rock), the amount of sun and/or shade, degree of privacy and all other features may vary by location. Complaints in this regard never lead to any financial compensation.
  • The location of the campground, and thus that of the tent, camping and relating to this distances to the sanitary facilities, play areas, communal kitchen and reception vary by location. complaints in this regard never lead to any financial compensation. 

11. Entry into Force
These conditions come into force on November 1, 2015. 

12. Privacy
In order to process your booking, we need your personal data. Among other things, this means: names and addresses, dates of birth, telephone numbers and email addresses. All these data are stored by us in a database. Your booking data may be used for internal marketing purposes. 

13. In conclusion
We try to do everything in our power to ensure your pleasant stay. We would, however, like to remind you that luxury camping, even in one of our rental accommodation, is still camping. You share the camping, land, shared facilities and bathroom with the other campers. The cleaning of the bathroom is challenging, especially with bad weather, and for this, joint responsibility is to be expected. 

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the following: 

  • Luxury camping does not exclude the possible presence of bugs in your accommodation. The lingering of any foodstuffs almost guarantees a fun visit by a nice little field mouse. 
  • Our rentals are scattered around the site. In most cases, this means you have neighbours, please take account of them. 
  • Blankets are not meant as outdoor rugs. Please take into account that the next occupant would also like usage of a clean blanket. 
  • Open fires are strictly forbidden. 
  • Should you wish to barbecue, please consult the site owner and take into account those aforementioned neighbours.
  • Should you choose for an early morning departure please keep your neighbours in mind. They're also enjoying a vacation! Early morning departures are only possible after consultation with the reception, during peak season (May / September), this request may be rejected by Camping Amsterdamse Bos.

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